The Liberty Restoration Society

In Pursuit of Real Solutions to Restore Liberty.

What is The Liberty Restoration Society?

A collaborative community facilitated by author and publisher, Jason W. Hoyt, focused on finding real solutions to restoring Liberty in all areas of life.

For too long, we have outsourced responsibility to institutions and ”experts” and it’s time to take back the reins.  A few of the topics we discuss are:

Rights, Politics, and Government
Restoring Grand Jury Independence
Defending Life, Liberty, and Property
Educating and Preparing the Next Generation
Banking, Economics, and Personal Finance
Food, Health, and Wellness
Media, Internet, and Technology
Housing & Property Rights
Disaster and Crisis Preparation
…and more.

Our goals are independence, justice, and liberty for all.

WARNING: If you are a bully, antagonist, or a close-minded big government statist -- you'll be kicked out without question.